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"One interview alone... she has sent me $15M in referrals!"

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Our New 2x or $10K Guarantee!

When you work with Parkbench, we guarantee you will... 

  • Get 6-12 new transactions per year
  • Become a recognized and respected face in your community 
  • Have FUN prospecting new clients
  • Meet anyone you want with zero rejection
  • Stop wasting money buying leads and advertising
  • 10X your database & SOI

And if you don't get at least a 2x return on your investment – we'll give you $10k!

Thousands of agents can vouch for the power of Parkbench and the Local Leader system!

Weekly one-on-one accountability coaching – for FREE!

Starting a new program can be overwhelming, so we’re offering FREE one-on-one accountability coaching ($695 value) for your first 7 weeks of using our system! 

We’ll help you set and smash your goals for success, get over your fears, and grow your business faster than you thought possible!

Our team has helped nearly 10,000 agents gross over $1B in commissions – and now, you can tap into the same knowledge, strategy, and skills that we've taught them! 

Why choose Parkbench?

We asked our agents, 'What made you want to become a Local Leader with Parkbench?"

Our Summer 2023 'Done For You' Special!

Our system combines innovative, hyperlocal technology with a proven system to meet more people, create connections, and build a network of referrals. 

Now, we're helping you get started with a 'Do It All For Me!' trial package, that includes:

- Booking 3 community interviews for you 

- Completing 3 full video edits for your Parkbench website

- Posting 3 videos to your website with full SEO enhancement 

- Creating 3 videos to help grow your SOI across your social media platforms

- Creating 3 SEO-rich blogs to help you rank higher on Google! 

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