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  • Get 6-12 new transactions per year
  • Become a recognized and respected face in your community 
  • Have FUN prospecting new clients
  • Show up on the first page of Google
  • Meet anyone you want with zero rejection
  • Stop wasting money buying leads and advertising
  • 10X your database & SOI
  • Get at least 5X ROI on your investment

We’ve helped close to 10,000 agents become top performers in their markets – all through building quality relationships that turned into clients and referrals!

Thousands of Real Estate Agents Can Vouch for the Power of  Parkbench and the Local Leader® System

How Does Parkbench and the Local Leader System Work?

Parkbench provides real estate agents with exclusive rights to a neighborhood website tailored to your unique community – it’s updated daily to feature relevant news, events, exclusive local business deals, and more, becoming an invaluable hub for businesses and residents alike. Plus, it's optimized for Google, so your listings and posts always appear at the top of a search! Your website includes: 

You get scripts, playbooks, and coaching to conduct spotlight interviews with local businesses and feature them on your website. This gives you the unique opportunity to forge relationships and grow your network: small businesses get free marketing, and you get an easy way to introduce yourself as a community-minded agent.

Growing a real estate business is hard –  but Parkbench coaches make it easier. Following time-tested models for personal and professional growth, we hold agents to account, keep them motivated, and orient them toward their goals. 

You get access to one-on-one coaching, frequent live training and webinars, and on-demand support whenever you need it.

If you don't get the results that we promise – you get your entire investment back!

Our agents can't stop raving...

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