GROWS your database

with our Local Leader prospecting system that is guaranteed to get you clients

NURTURES your prospects

by sending them our weekly email newsletter full of relevant local news and events

BRANDS you as the local expert

with exclusivity to your neighborhood website which features you as the local expert

"We give exclusivity to ONE motivated real estate agent per community."

Grant Findlay-Shirras - CEO & Co-Founder, Parkbench.com

"The size of your database is directly tied to the number of deals you do"

Grow Your Database

Stop buying sh*tty leads and cold calling because our Interview Prospecting System turns business owners, hair dressers, painters, and other local professionals into your raving fans and referral generators. Guaranteed.

"It takes 5-7 touch points on average to convert a prospect into a client"

Nurture Your Database

Our A.I technology finds, organizes and categorizes local news and events in each neighborhood which is sent to your database each week in a beautiful email newsletter. This keeps you top of mind with relevant content that your prospects will actually read. 

"The #1 reason people choose their Realtor is the belief they are the local market expert"

Brand yourself the local expert

What comes up when someone Googles your name? Our exclusive neighborhood websites automatically stay up to date with local content and you are featured on every page as the local expert. Every site is SEO optimized to show up when someone searches for you online making you look like a local rockstar. 

"We guarantee you more transactions this year"

Do you want to look good online AND do good in your community?

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